African Caribbean Drumming and Dance Company


Andy MasonAndy Mason is a freelance musician specialising in African, Arabic, South American, Brazilian, Latin and Caribbean percussion.

Andy has travelled extensively to The Gambia and Senegal, Cuba, the Caribbean and South America picking up the sounds and cultures of the world.

He has toured extensively, nationally and internationally, with bands and theatre companies. He is currently working with ‘Aashiq al-rasul’ world renowned nasheed group.(Europe, America, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, Norway, Sweden France)

Singer songwriter Rob Carvello nationally known R&B/soul band.(Europe)

Pritams Rhythm Tribe nationally known Asian percussion ensemble

Babatunde nationally known African drumming group.

Mohammed Ali acclaimed graffiti artist and director of Soul City Arts and Aerosolarabic.

When not performing Andy works in schools, colleges, nurseries and community centres the world over. From Trinidad to Canada, Barbados to Britain, Andy makes a valuable contribution to education and self development for people of all ages and abilities.


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Now in England she is currently performing with; Tropical Entertainment, Steel pan orchestra. And Babatunde, African Caribbean percussion ensemble.

Since living in the U.K. she
has taken her skills into schools all over England, giving children of all ages an excellent experience in the art of limbo dance and Afro-Caribbean Dance.

Itara has worked with companies such as Birmingham city council, Ace dance, Punch records, Sandwell council, Blueberry Arts LTD, Birmingham central library and a lots more..